Festival Info

Lobofest has been running since 2013. Our aim is to bring the community together and have fun. We always show the great musical talent in Dunedin as well as craft beer, wines and locally made food. For Summerfest we will be donating to the Otokia reforestation and the Brighton Rugby club.

Our aim is to raise funds to help a local project in Brighton. What better way to raise funds than to have a party! Well, that is what we do.

Are you interested?

You can be part of our exclusive event as a musician, as a sponsor, as a volunteer and as a guest.

Any band can register interest but please note we only have so many spaces available. we are having to choose only 9 bands for this summer edition. The selection criteria for us to choose bands depends on the following:

  • How active is the band in the Dunedin music scene
  • How well known is the band
  • How much does the band contribute to the community
  • is the band part of the local crowd of Brighton?

We will be opening for registrations of interest very soon. it is important that you give us as much information as possible so that you can have the best chance of playing. If you register interest please make sure you have are available for the date, it is very difficult to change all advertising when bands cannot commit to play.


thank you so much for your previous support and welcome all new sponsors. you are the true heroes of this event. We have amazing sponsor packages for you that include:

  • VIP tickets
  • Free parking
  • Ombrellos vouchers
  • Social media advertising (targeted at the Otago region)


we require a number of volunteers to help us prepare run and wrap up the event. Some of our activities include:

  • parking guidance
  • Ticket management
  • Traffic management
  • Helping the bands
  • Stage management
  • Cleraning
  • Setting up and dismantling the big tent
  • preparing ther grounds
  • setting up the bars
  • placing all signs
  • help with the glasses
  • assist with food
  • repair any damages
  • setup the portaloos
  • setup all barriers
  • move equipment
  • fire wardens


this is the fun part, you have to know someone who knows how to get in. That is what makes this festival so exclusive. You need to ask around and sure you will find a friend who will help you get in. What happens next is the magic of lobofest. when you come in you will very much know everyone, simply because we are connected in one way or another. this is what makes our festival safe and so much fun.

There are also promotions, raffles and giveaways in Dunedin, so if you feel lucky, try to participate in one of them. who knows you could get a free ticket to lobofest.

The venue

We run an on premise fully licenced supervised venue. This means you are not allowed to bring any drinks with you. But the good news is that we have amazing food and beverages on offer as well as free drinking water. There is also a huge tent for those who need to get away from the sun or the rain (although that hasn’t happened yet). There is limited parking on site and we will charge to park, so best if you maximise transport by either getting as many people in a car as possible or don’t drive! be kind to global warming and share transport. we will make sure you get home safe.

We do have some rules that we expect our guests to follow. it really is the usual: No liquids, no drugs, no campervans, no fights, no freedom camping on site. We do not sell tickets at the gates, so make sure you have your tickets well in advance.

Come and enjoy the day!