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Saurian (pronounced `{`Saw-ree-uhn`}`) is an alternative rock band consisting of guitarist/vocalist, Karl Brinsdon; drummer, Hamish Daniell; guitarist, Cameron Ellis; and bassist, Sol Wyatt. The band formed in August 2015 and have been writing and recording their original music ever since. Some of their most recent achievements are performing at the Octagon New Years' Eve Concert and releasing acoustic versions of their songs on their EP, Acoustically Brooding. Saurian’s music appeals to a wide audience, possibly due to musical influences through the decades from the 60s until now. Band members channel their passion and energy into their song-writing, creating songs in styles from soft rock through to metal. Some of the band’s musical influences include Nirvana, The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Guns n Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Soundgarden.

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