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Scott & The Waxeyes

The songs of Scott J Mason, brought to life with Kirsty, Hugh and a stompbox.
Scott J Mason is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and singer-songwriter based in Dunedin NZ. With 30 years of touring and recording throughout NZ, playing in bands Gasoline Cowboy (Akl), Slim (ChCh, Wildside), Mulholland (Akl), Gareth Thomas (Akl, Goodshirt), he has supported/toured with some the biggest names in music, including Shihad, Salmonella Dub, Neil & Tim Finn, HLAH, Tool, Korn, Live and Creed.
Joined by his wife Kirsty Cooper and One Day Sane bandmate Hugh Harlow as The Waxeyes, Scott is playing live again after a long health related hiatus.

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