Positive impacts ONLY!

The event may be a bit secretive, but the love Lobofest has for Papatuanuku is not. We are working hard behind the scenes to make sure that the only impact we leave by putting on this epic day is a positive one! Some of the things we do for the environment are:

  • We have adopted reusable cups
  • Our food is served in reusable containers
  • where possible we have avoided single use plastics and metals
  • We compost our waste ourselves on site
  • we avoid printing as much as possible, but when we do use paper, we compost it too.
  • we encourage people to avoid or share transport as much as possible

we would like to aim not just to carbon neutral but actual carbon sequestration. we would love our event to actually give something back to our precious planet.

Watch this space for the actions we are putting in place toward a waste-free event with some local partners around Dunedin…